Peer-review procedure

Here you can find the information about the papers submitted to Archives of Foundry Engineering Journal subject of peer-review procedure, Peer-review Form and the Reviewer Statement.

The peer-review process lasts about 8 weeks and is based on clear standards and rules as follows:

  1. Formal evaluation made by Editorial Board including Subject Editor. The author is informed whether the submission is accepted for peer-review or rejected.
  2. The paper is marked with the unique editorial number which allows to identify the paper during the review process.
  3. The anonymous paper (the editorial number given) is followed to the Reviewer who is the specialist in the paper’s scientific subject. The Reviewer is carefully selected by the Editor-in-Chief and the Subject Editor. The standard Peer-review Form is used for the review purposes.
    The Reviewer promises to keep all the matters regarded to the process in secret and that he will not use the knowledge before the paper is published.
  4. After the review is done the Editorial Board informs the author about the results and all the Reviewer’s remarks or suggestions. The author is obliged to re-submit the revised version of paper in two weeks.
  5. The decision made can be as follows:

Accepted’ – the paper may be published with no revision or must be only professionally edited

Accepted after revision’ – the paper must be revised according to the Reviewer remarks and suggestions; the new peer-review process is not necessary, the final decision is made by Editorial Board

Rejected’ – the paper is not suitable for publishing. The author may re-submit it after major changes and thorough re-edition (according to the Reviewer’s remarks).

When the Reviewer does not make any remarks or Author made all the necessary changes the Editorial Board finally accepts the paper for publishing then it is sent to the language editor and after that prepared for printing.


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