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Jan Jezierski - new Editor-in-Chief

Ladies and Gentlemen,

By decision of the Presidium of the Commission of Foundry Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences, on the recommendation of the Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly Archives of Foundry Engineering, Professor Jan Szajnar, the role of the Editor-in-Chief shall be entrusted to me. This has been sanctioned in recent days by a change in the entry in the register of journals and periodicals in the District Court in Gliwice. As you may know, I was Deputy Editor-in-Chief for several years, working with the rest of the editorial team for the development of the periodical. Of course, it would not have been possible without your participation, i.e. the authors, reviewers and all those, who have the position of our foundry engineering periodical at heart. In view of the changes in the list of scientific journals, ranked by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and aiming at continuous improvement of the substantive and editorial quality of the AFE, in the coming months, the editorial office intends to introduce some changes, which, in our opinion, will bring us closer to the ambitious goals that we still want to achieve. In order to foster these changes, on the recommendation of Professor Szajnar and with full conviction, to the function of Deputy Editor-in-Chief, I have appointed Dariusz Bartocha, Ph.D. Eng., who has been working in the editorial office of the AFE for many years. Together with the other members of the editorial team, we will continue the work which has begun over fifty years ago, and which was led over the last few years by Professor Szajnar, to whom I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and congratulations. Of course, we will continue to benefit from his knowledge and experience, as well as his knowledge of the scientific community of foundry engineering. Professor will also undertake the coordination of the part of the editorial work, which is connected with the publication of scientific monographs, which are so important for the development of scientific careers.

Archives of Foundry Engineering is our common good, therefore, we will continue to listen to the voices of the community and welcome all your suggestions, which will lead to the achievement of even higher quality and position in the market of scientific publications by our quarterly.

Jan Jezierski


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