Guidelines for authors

The guidelines for paper preparation for submission to "Archives of Foundry Engineering" Journal

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The procedure of peer-review of the papers submitted to 'Archives of Foundry Engineering' Journal

Please familiarize with the rules given by Polish Ministry of Science regarding to the review process, the journal evaluation requirements, ghostwriting and guest authorship fighting procedure present on the website:

The ‘Archives of Foundry Engineering’ Journal applies the rules as follows:


ghostwriting – a practice in which someone gave some important input to the paper and it was not mentioned anywhere in the paper even in acknowledgements.

guest authorship (honorary authorship) – a practice in which senior researchers are listed as co-authors—despite having had little to do with the work involved in publishing original research reports—on research reports that are the works of others, e.g., undergraduates and postdoctoral fellows working in their lab

Editorial Board of Archives of Foundry Engineering Journal follows the rules given by Polish Ministry of Science:

a) We oblige the authors to point out their personal input to paper creation (their affiliation, who was the one to make a concept, bases, methods, protocol etc. used to write the paper) but the one submitting the paper is mainly responsible for all the matters.

b) We inform that ghostwriting and guest authorship are ethically wrong and we will fight against them informing the particular institutions (scientific associations, editors associations etc.)

c) The authors must inform us about their work financing, the specific scientific and other institutions input (financial disclosure) e.g. research grants.

d) We record all the mentioned above situations especially the non-ethical behavior.

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